Northern Virginia Landscaping

You will not only improve the appearance of your property, but also add to its value with a properly installed and professionally designed landscape and commercial irrigation systems Northern Virginia. The surrounding architecture of the home and the environment should be taken into consideration when designing and installing a landscape. The designer and property owner should be included in the design process from the beginning to the end. Personal preferences should also be taken into account. All ideas should be explored and so should additions like walkways, patios, plants, lighting, retaining walls, drainage etc. You should enjoy the design process and make sure that it incorporates your personal style and integrates with your property and surrounding environment. It is also important to pay personal attention to the choice of materials. Some individuals may prefer the composites which are manufactured, while others prefer natural wood, stone, brick etc.


Landscape Installation

In order to achieve a great result and a successful installation of the landscape, it is best to begin with the right choice of plants, trees and shrubs for your property. If you are using a landscape company you are assured of professional care and attention to detail.


Northern Virginia Irrigation & Landscape Sprinkler Systems

Professional experience is what counts in the installation and maintenance of commercial irrigation Northern VA. This applies to the installation of a new system as well as updating an existing system. Reliable assistance every step of the way is vitally important. Make sure you select a company who uses only the best quality products and offers a wealth of experience for all their projects. Technicians should be professionally trained in the latest water conservation practices. These may include irrigation scheduling services, soil-based moisture sensors and rain sensors.


There are a number of aspects that need to be considered when designing an irrigation system. Mechanical limitations and consumer needs must be taken into account. The property should be carefully inspected in order to ascertain which areas require irrigation and which of these may be automated. Taking all the available information into account, a professional system can be designed to meet the requirements of the property. This will then be able to be converted into a cost.


Winterized Irrigation Systems

The winters in Northern Virginia can be tough on irrigation systems. Freezing water in the pipes of irrigation systems can cause damage if they are not properly winterized. There are no available anti-freeze products that can be used for the prevention of freezing irrigation components. A sprinkler blow out is used to carry out the winterization process. The blow out can only be safely conducted by a professional technician who knows irrigation systems and is familiar with those in the Northern Virginia area. A large commercial air compressor is necessary for the blow out of all the water from the sprinkler piping heads, which can be a dangerous procedure. If you still need to water frequently because of recent plantings or lawn seeding, winterizing your irrigation system in Northern Virginia can most likely be delayed for a while.


The underground pipes of your commercial irrigation Northern VA system are usually safe during the first week of December. However, November month may still have a few nights that drop below freezing. This is the time to cover your exposed pipes with an old towel or blanket to prevent them from freezing. You can cover the blanket or towel with a plastic bag to keep it dry. You will need to run the timer on one zone so that you get out as much water as possible, while turning the water off at the main sprinkler supply valve. If you do a little research online you will be able to find more information on winterization of your irrigation system. You should look for someone who has years of experience if you are considering hiring a professional to install or maintain your irrigation system in Northern Virginia. Regardless of whether you want to winterize your system, update an existing system or install a new system, you will be able to find the help you need.

Landscape Drainage & Erosion

Be sure to not overlook potential drainage issues when planning commercial irrigation Northern VA. This is the one area that most landscaping companies neglect to account for. Experiencing problems with flooding or standing water is the last thing you want.